Life after Optifast.

I have a confession. I haven’t been to the fat doctor in months. It feels great to NOT have to go back to see him, but I am terrified of regaining.

Due to my impecunious state, and the state of the economy, I’m working a retail job in a mall. Not exactly the career path I envisioned for myself. I have to do what I have to do to stay moderately afloat.

Anyway, due to the crazy hours, the recovery from last season’s chiropractic injuries, and the killer cookies and treats available I have put on some weight.
I don’t want to go back to the fat doctor but I will if I have to.

I’m trying other options now. I tried a variation of Herbalife, however I did not like the lack of food. It’s a 2 shake a day and high protein low carb meal thing. And I didn’t like the shake.

There are some things about the Herbalife products I do like. Total Control is similar to the Phenterimine the fat doctor prescribed but without the jitteriness. I’m managing my intake of that more so I can better control my Sundowning overeating. Some reason, when the sun sinks, my disease kicks into high gear and that is when I feel – and give into – the need to consume.

The food plan I’ve started now is based off of what weightlifters. 5-6 small meals with protein at every meal. I like that it will keep my blood sugar regular as the fluctuations in it tends to assist my binge eating.

This food plan is more vegetable based than I’m used to so I’m going to go with raw veggies as my source since I feel they taste better.
Dark leafy greens, raw green beans etc.

I am also taking excellent advice from Overeaters Anonymous by weighing and measuring my meals, as I have been just eyeballing it.

As for working out, it’s been difficult. I haven’t felt the drive to go to the gym and derby life has been a struggle. I have probably been depressed for the past few months. All I want to do is sleep.

Anyway a teammate recommended crossfit training. I gave it a shot last week and loved it. Driving home I felt that lovely little tingle of yes that my body has been missing for quite some time. I’ve been thinking about that workout every day since I had my first session. I am hooked!

A new enthusiasm for the gym and a new food plan and my heath is back and my weight back down!
This time without the fat doctor!!!!

-Half Girl

This is the gym I’m going to:

and this is the food plan I’m doing:

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